Dental Implants

A Fresh Start After Losing A Tooth

At least three million Americans have replaced a missing tooth with a dental implant, and that number grows each year. You can restore your smile with a dental implant from The Yuma Dentist in Yuma and Fortuna Foothills AZ . A dental implant is a titanium post that is placed into your jaw. An artificial

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Are Dental Implants Worth It?

Dental implants have been hailed as one of the greatest advances in dentistry, but that doesn’t mean deciding to get one is easy. There is much to consider, but at The Yuma Dentist in Yuma and Fortuna Foothills AZ, we believe they are worth it. One of the things that makes a lot of people

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Avoid Bone Deterioration Following Extraction

In this post from The Yuma Dentist in Yuma and Fortuna Foothills AZ, we consider jaw bone health. To remain strong the jaw bone needs to be consistently stimulated by the pressure of chewing, biting, and talking. Each tooth has a root structure the extends into the surrounding bone. As each tooth absorbs the forces

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Extraction Is Not The End Game

Have you had a tooth extracted? You may be left with a gap in your smile. Unsightly as that may be, there is  more than the issue of appearance. At The Yuma Dentist in Yuma and Fortuna Hills we can address that with a state-of-the-art dental implant. Problems With Extracted Teeth After a tooth is

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Implants Prevent Denture-Related Health Problems

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 25% of adults over 65 have no remaining teeth. Many people with missing no teeth choose dentures. But there is a better, state-of-the-art alternative at The Yuma Dentist in Yuma AZ. Problems With Dentures Conventional dentures usually fit properly at first, but the mouth changes as

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Missing Pieces In The Mouth?

A missing puzzle piece may not ruin a jigsaw puzzle, but a missing tooth can be very unsightly and ruin your smile. At The Yuma Dentist in Yuma AZ we have dental implants that can restore a smile. A missing tooth can cause more than an unpleasant appearance. When a tooth and its root are

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Is A Tooth Implant The Same As A Dental Crown?

What’s the difference between a dental implant and a crown? The relationship can be confusing. They can be combined in one procedure. And both can be used with other dental restorations. In this post from The Yuma Dentist in Yuma AZ, we’ll clear up the confusion. 1. A dental implant can work as a foundation

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Need An Implant? Let’s Do A Checkup And Talk About It.

When is the last time you had a dental check-up? At The Yuma Dentist in Yuma AZ, we recommend one every six months. If you are considering a dental implant, we can roll your checkup into an assessment of your viability as an implant patient. Dental implants are an ideal replacement for a missing tooth. The

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Live Better With Dental Implants

Ill-fitting dentures can result in more issues than they solve. If you live with loose dentures, you probably regard them as a necessary evil. Implant-supported dentures from The Yuma Dentist in Yuma AZ are a major step forward in tooth replacement. Missing Out on Life? Unfortunately, many disheartened denture wearers have stopped dining in restaurants

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A Smile Like A Precious Gem

Do you have a missing tooth you would like to replace? While there is more than one option available, dental implants from The Yuma Dentist in Yuma AZ are state-of-the-art in tooth replacement. What are dental implants? Dental implants have been hailed as one of the great advances in the field of dentistry, and with

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