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Dental crowns are one of the best ways we have to restore a tooth that we’ve repaired due to damage or decay. They are one of most common restorations we perform at The Yuma Dentist in Yuma and Fortuna Foothills AZ.

The word “crown” may make you think of a royal coronation. They are sometimes referred to as caps. Dental crowns are fixed restorations that look like a tooth above the gumline. They don’t go below the gums.

Crowns are made to order for the tooth they cover. Once they are in place, they protect the tooth and restore its appearance and function. The crown completely covers the dental work and is cemented in place.

At The Yuma Dentist in Yuma and Fortuna Foothills AZ we use dental crowns to repair teeth that have been damaged, cracked, or broken. Our patients come from Foothills, Winter Haven CA, and Somerton for crowns, and for complete general dentistry. Call our office to schedule an appointment today!

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The Yuma Dentist – Fortuna Foothills
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