Gap-Tooth Smiles Aren’t Quite As Adorable Anymore

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Have you lost teeth? It’s a lot different than when you lost your baby teeth way back in the day. Your adult teeth, of course, don’t grow back. But we can do something about that with dental implants from The Yuma Dentist in Yuma AZ.

A dental implants is an artificial tooth root that is surgically implanted into the jaw of a patient, to replace a missing root. The implant, in turn, can support an artificial tooth; multiple implants can anchor a set of dentures.

The great thing about single implants is that they function like a natural tooth. The titanium post fuses to the patient’s jaw, and integrates with the bone so well that the body seldom recognizes them as a foreign object. Rejection is rare.

Adult teeth may not grow back once they’re gone, but with dental implants it may seem like it.¬†At least three million Americans have replaced a missing tooth and restored their smiles with dental implants, and that number grows each year.

Dental implants from The Yuma Dentist in Yuma AZ are the closest thing to getting natural teeth. Find out more by scheduling a consultation today. We also offer general dentistry, and have offices in Yuma and Fortuna Foothills.

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